Terms & Conditions

For the mutual enjoyment of the park by all residents, we have some terms for using the park and its facilities:-

MUSIC & RADIOS must not be played or be audible outside your unit – not everyone shares your taste in music!  NO NOISE after 10.30 pm.  Anti-social parties will be asked to leave.

DOGS must be kept under control on a SHORT LEAD at all times and exercised away from the park.  Dogs must not be left unattended in caravans or on the park.


BARBECUES are allowed so long as they do not cause annoyance to other customers.  Please ensure they are raised from ground level and do not damage the grass.  Stands can be obtained from the washing up area if required.  CAMP FIRES ARE NOT PERMITTED.

BICYCLES, SCOOTERS & ROLLER BLADES etc. are not be ridden on the park after 7.00 pm, must observe the maximum speed limit of 5mph & must not be ridden on any grass areas or on the footpaths around reception or on the hill near the main entrance.


Awning annexes, gazebos, toilet tents & pup tents are not permitted. Max pitch width 20’ – extra wide awnings & drive-away awnings cannot be accommodated.

The use of washing lines OR ROTARY DRYERS are not permitted. 

Water is metered and should not be wasted.  The washing of cars and caravans on the Park is not permitted unless by prior permission.

PERMISSION to use the Caravan Park or its facilities may be refused, and visitors may be requested to leave without any reason being given by the owners.

CUSTOMERS are responsible for the safety of their personal belongings.

All caravans are on site at OWNERS RISK.

CARS  One car ONLY to be parked beside each caravan/tent, extra vehicles and visitor’s cars to be parked on the car park – £5 parking fee payable at reception ON ARRIVAL. ONE PER UNIT. ELECTRIC VEHICLES: Our infrastructure will not support the charging of electric vehicles – electric cars cannot be charged at the park by any means, including the use of an electricity supply or hook up.

BALL GAMES/GAMES INVOLVING FLYING OBJECTS must not be played on the park.  Please use the playing field next to the park for such activities!